The Best (and Worst) Candy for Your Teeth

As each October creeps up on Cindy Flanagan, DDS, MAGD, spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry(AGD), her mind always wanders to the amount of sweets both children and adults will be consuming during the last few months of the year. "Too many sweets can cause a spooky mouth," says Dr. Flanagan. "People have the [...]

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Halloween and Your Teeth: 10 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, which for most children means bags of free candy and a chance to build a stockpile of sweets for the winter.  No surprise, Halloween can also present parents with a variety of health and safety challenges. Here are 10 ways you can help your children stay MouthHealthy during Halloween and [...]

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A Guide to Nighttime Oral Care

Keeping your teeth strong, your gums healthy, and your smile bright is not just a day job; your mouth needs protection at night too. Donna L. Zak, D.D.S., of Zak & Frankel Dental Associates in New York City, explains: "Nighttime oral hygiene is important because while we're sleeping, we're not swallowing, so the bacteria in [...]

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Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

The last teeth to develop can cause havoc for the rest of your healthy mouth. Yet there's growing controversy about whether we really need to have them taken out. Just as you enter adulthood, your wisdom teeth make their presence known in the far reaches of your mouth. Wisdom teeth — officially the third molars [...]

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Periodontal Disease And Obesity

Many medical professionals consider obesity to be a chronic dis­ease. It is well understood that obesity is on the rise in the United States, and that younger and younger members of our community are becoming obese due to poor nutrition and eating habits. Research has demonstrated that obesity will increase the risk for hypertension, type [...]

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Can Pacifiers And Baby Bottles Ruin My Baby’s Teeth?

Sucking is a natural reflex for babies. They start to develop and practice it even before they are born. Sucking is a normal part of development that is comforting to children well into their first years of life. In fact, sucking often brings comfort even after a child no longer needs to get nourishment from [...]

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Potential Causes Of Toothaches: It’s Not Always A Cavity

No matter how conscientious you are about your oral care routine, at some point in your life you will probably experience the discomfort of a toothache. Though a cavity is the most likely culprit, it is only one of several possible causes of toothaches. Tooth Sensitivity If you are experiencing sharp pains when eating or [...]

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Should You Floss First Or Brush First?

A common question that patients ask their dentists is, "Which should I do first, brush or floss?" The sequence makes no difference as long as you do a thorough job. Brushing and flossing is the best way to remove decay-causing plaque from your teeth and help maintain optimal oral health. Choose a toothbrush that feels [...]

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Talk Therapy to Tackle Fear of the Dentist

A study found this type of treatment helped many overcome phobias about dental visits. Many people are familiar with the fear that can precede a visit to the dentist, but new research shows that talk therapy can help when that anxiety becomes a crippling phobia. In the study, British investigators tried an approach called cognitive [...]

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Dental Anxiety in the Dentist’s Chair

If you're afraid of going to the dentist, you should know that there are ways to quell dental anxiety and make your dental care experience a lot more tolerable. Not many people really like going to the dentist. But for some people, the thought of going to the dentist can bring on such a fear [...]

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