Teeth Whitening

whiteningThere are many people who are unable to smile because of extreme discoloration and tooth decay. This can be very embarrassing and take a toll on a person much more than they would have ever thought possible. Having a bad smile can cause someone to feel bad about themselves. When bad feelings like this surface, other negative emotions tend to follow. There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t want to be more confident about his or her appearance.

Tooth discoloration is very common and the reasons for the problem can go as far back as childhood in some cases. The most common causes are through smoking or chewing tobacco though this is now thankfully on the decline as more and more people kick the smoking habit. Drinking excessive tea, coffee or cola drinks is another common cause of teeth discoloration and it is the tannin inside the ingredients that does the damage. Taking antibiotics as a child, trauma, poor dental hygiene and general aging are some of the other main sources of the problem.

Tooth Whitening is a process that requires a short visit, where we take the alginate impressions. Your whitening trays will be done the next day.The kit comes with instructions and whitening gel.

It is amazing how something so simple can impact a person’s life in such a big way.

Bonding and Veneers

If you’re looking to improve your smile, there are many reasons to choose dental veneers. A veneer is a thin covering that is placed over the front (visible) part of the tooth. Veneers can correct a wide range of dental issues, such as:

To lighten front teeth that can’t be whitened by bleaching • to correct some cases of chipped or worn teeth

To fill in uneven spaces or a large gap between the upper front teeth, called a diastema (pronounced die-a-STEE-ma)

Veneers are made of either ceramic or composite resin material. Your dentist will help you choose the material best for you based on strength, stain resistance, color and appearance. Each type of veneer has its own benefits.




Ceramic Veneers
A ceramic veneer is a thin shell custom-made to fit on the tooth.
Benefits of ceramic veneers:

Strong and long-lasting
Smooth, translucent surface provides a natural appearanc